I have been interested in pregnancy, and the whole labor and delivery process since I was just a little girl of about 7.  That was when my first niece was born.
I loved everything about it.  I sat and talked with my sister for hours about her pregnancy.
After she had the baby, I talked with her for hours about that whole process.  The whole thing just fascinated me, as it still does to this day.

The first time I heard the word “Doula”, was when I was pregnant with my first child.
I was reading all of those wonderful baby magazines that a first time pregnant mother can not get enough of.
I read about them, and thought it was so cool, but it was unheard of in this area.  This sparked an interest in me to pursue the process of becoming a Doula.

After the birth of  my first daughter, I began actively researching the Internet for information on becoming certified as a Labor Doula.  I found an organization called CAPPA, and chose to become certified through their Labor Doula program.
I have been attending births since 2002, and I love it.  I received my certification as a Labor Doula, in April, 2004.


My Personal Birth Experiences

I received an Epidural with my first daughter towards the end.  I had 2 friends with me as my coaches.

My husband and a friend were with me for the birth of my second daughter.  I did get Stadol for this birth.  I really did not want anything either time, but I gave in.  I tried not to dwell on that though.

The birth of my son was the best.  I had a midwife, 2 Doulas and my husband with me, and let me tell you, what a team!
It was great from beginning to end.  I was in labor about 16 1/2 hours, and it was very intense too.
I did not have any pain meds at all with him, and I was so happy.
I had known the difference that a Doula can make, but this just showed me how much.
I was just thrilled with the his birth and how it all turned out.

Stacie Bailey is a member of Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), and is a Certified Labor Doula (CLD)

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