“She was great, all through my pregnancy.  She was so helpful.
My labor and delivery was an awesome experience.  Stacie was great, and I will always use her for any future children I may have.
She knew just what to do to help ease my pain or to help calm me down.  I was a wreck when we got to the hospital.  She definitely knew what she was doing or saying.

I would recommend her services to all my friends and family.  Having her there really put a calming affect on me, and the things she did to me to help with the pain, really did help lessen it.

After the baby was born, she stayed with me for a couple hours till they moved me to my postpartum room.  she helped me get started with breastfeeding, which was a real challenge, because the baby would not latch on at all.  We did finally get him to though.
She stayed to make sure that was all done first and that I was in my room, and then came back the next day to see me and to help again.  She was great!”

-Lorena (Mother)


“I was very satisfied having Stacie as my Doula.  Having my second child VBAC, I didn’t know what to expect.  My husband and I were very pleased that she was able to come in and keep me focused and work through my contractions.

She was able to explain to me what was going on at different stages of labor. After I had my daughter, she allowed my husband & I to share the  first few moments together with our newborn daughter.
If I was to do it again I would certainly have her help me again.  She definitely made the whole process go a lot smoother.”

-Wendy (Mother)


“Stacie was a positive force in the birth of my third child.  She was there every time I needed her and held my hand during the birth, rubbed my back, and did whatever I felt I needed.
We had a home birth with two midwives and Stacie.  It was by far the best of all three births.  I just wish I had Stacie for the birth of my first two children.”

-Sarah (Mother)


“Stacie was my Doula for the birth of my first daughter. She was caring, knowledgeable and very supportive. Having her there helped take some pressure of my husband, which he was quite thankful for. Stacie is just a wonderful person and it meant a lot for her to be there with us. “

-Imelda  (Mother)



“Stacie was our Doula at the birth of our daughter. I was so glad that she was there because she was a great help to us! She was extremely supportive. She is a wonderful person and glad that she was able to share such a special day with us.”

-John (Father)

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