Tender Moments Doula Services is a certified Doula service providing support to families and pregnant mothers in the Aurora, Illinois area.  Click here for surrounding cities.

The mission of Tender Moments Doula Services is to assist the mother during pregnancy and labor to allow her to experience the childbirth she wants.

With a clear understanding of her childbirth options, an expectant mother is able to make informed decisions. We are committed to supporting whatever choices she makes for the birth of her baby.

Allowing the mother to make her own decisions during pregnancy and labor will help make childbirth a satisfying experience that has many benefits. Not only will her recovery after labor be quicker, she will bond better with her infant, and as a result, become a more confident mother.

There are additional benefits of a Doula’s services which extend to the father/ birth partner as well. The education of the father/ birth partner during the pregnancy and the continuous presence of the Doula during labor will encourage the birth partner to participate at his/her own comfort level.

During a long labor the Doula will ensure the birth partner has the rest and nourishment they need.

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